Saturday 13 December 2008

Strangely strange but....(oddly normal)

It's funny the way things sometimes turn out.

I chose this image because of the door in the Doll's House and then enjoyed a moment of coincidence. Three or four years ago when i took the picture Minnie was wearing odd socks and today we were returning through the forest from a piano lesson, when she pointed out that she was wearing a Betty Boop on one foot and a Tasmanian Devil on the other.

Up to now the "doors" of this blog advent calendar have opened onto Friendship, The Unexpected, The illogical, A puzzle, Moments of Discovery and Solidarity, Inspiration, An Invitation, Merories, A joke and St Marc's Square in Venice. I didn't plan their being there, they sort of happened but i'm quite happy with the way things are taking shape.

Today, behind the door in what was once Krissie's Doll House i thought we should - for once - have some chocolate. And since i started with Minnie i think it's neat to finish on an M.


Dave said...

Lots of weird conjunctions keep coming up on your blog recently but I have to ask if you knew about the link with my nearest blogging neighbor Tim? His, occasionally revived band Dr. Strangely Strange still surface here and there and would have been your near neighbor in Cleonach.


popps said...

Well that would be another conjunction, obviously the titles i use are things that pop into my head as i write and odd socks/strange was part of what i was writing

then again it was in my head from way back then...i must have had an album....

how would he have been a neighbour and is it still for sale?