Sunday 7 December 2008

Oh oysters come and walk with us.....

The other day i left a clue to link to a number of puzzles printed in the Guardian newspaper. I saw another one this weekend that i liked, alongside the question "Why don't oysters share?" The puzzle is to find a seven digit number when the first digit gives the number of zeros in the finished number etc etc.

This may just be a coincidence but in the market today as well as the first Lychees of the winter there was a wstall selling Oysters, a much oprized, by others, item for the festive season.

Personally i wouldn't want to find oysters behind my door but i have always liked the three door' puzzle, which basically asks if a prize was hidden behind one of three doors, and you choose a door, and then someone opened one of the remaining two doors and revealed it as empty - would it be better to saty with your original choice or to change?

Obviously depends if the prize was oysters.

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