Wednesday 17 December 2008


Dave, who shares a dual uniqueness in that he not only is an ex-Mendezie but is also the only person I know that reads this blog voluntarily, suggested I used Avon Ladies as inspiration for one of the posts on this advent calendar.

I have neither met such a creature, nor knowingly used one of their products but I had already considered door-to –door salesmen, a subspecies to which the Avon Girls would belong if it was not for their Gender.

My youth could testify, if it was still here, to Prudential Insurance Agents, Littlewood Football Coupon Collectors, Brush Salesman and a Baker- all who called at our door, along with more seasonal Carol Singers, Penny-for-the-Guy-ers and Bob-a-Job Scouts.

In fact hardly a week went past without a call; the Milkman came EVERY week.

Of course the past is pretty past and these folk don’t ring or knock anymore and I suspect the Avon folk have also been re-packed into digital irrelevance.

Dave surprises when he betrays his fondness for skincare and I would have thought he would have preferred these two, who like Jesus yesterday waited outside for the door to open.

(Incidentally you can twitter Dave’s feeds by including obscure references to Mendezies to all your online publishing, e.g. what do you call three guys on a roundabout? Men dizzy!)

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