Monday 12 May 2008

Driscoll 2

Driscoll used to work for a North London Tyre centre, so when i bought him he had his name (Driscoll) and occupation (tyres) brightly coloured along the side.

I decided to leave it thus as it gave me a certain anonymity when parked on a city street; it was difficult to imagine the cosy pine interior from the outside or to imagine that someone's home was there.

The downside of course was that on any journey a stranded driver at the side of the road would be sure to try to flag me to a stop - to help with a puncture or tyre bow out. Since i wasn't as richly equipped as they imagined this would always entail a lengthy apologetic explanation.

On the balance, anonymity won over practicality, and my most treasured moment remains the hour or so we parked in the main street of Cashel in Ireland.

Krissie will remember that.

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