Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Use your loaf

I have a choice on the way home; I can take the main road that goes AROUND, or the much more interesting but smaller one that goes THROUGH the forest.

Just on the edge, where the meadows give way to the sentinel trunks there is a small organic bakers; it is the last place you would expect a bakers to be and the last place anyone is going to find themselves just passing, so consequently most of the loaves are preordered for eventul delivery.

But, luckily, there are a few extra baked so you can stop on the way home and buy a fresh baked sunflower seed loaf which then sits on the seat next to you as you drive and slowly fills the car with a rich, nutty aroma.

Then you get in and eat five unadorned slices.

1 comment:

popps said...

That many slices, that many videos.
Take the last one.