Monday, 28 April 2008

Heave Ho

Last summer i started, against my natural inclination, to save for a new, state of the art laptop computer. Each week crisply folded notes were secreted in an old olive oil jar that will be ceremonially smashed asunder on the anointed day some time in June.
Now that the money is there the need for a laptop, however cool it may seem in adolescent circles, is being questioned; and with an undecided Spring and a plethora of exotic destinations being advertised I wonder if the money wouldn’t be better used for travel.
These doubts coincided with the appearance of this short article in the paper which has left the fate of the laptop dangling by the strength of my sea legs.
The only person I have ever met who gets more sea sick than I do is Tim from Brighton. We once shared the rail of the cross channel, Dover to Calais crossing and it was only his shocking transformation to green that roused me from my own malaise and left a feeling of cure.
However, is it permanent or do I need always to have Tim alongside? I haven’t saved enough for two tickets.

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