Monday 7 April 2008

Another Day Another Dollar

Someone asked me today how many different jobs i have done, and having spent a long time performing i wasn't sure if that counted as one job or different ones; certainly that show i did in a London school playground where a grandmother in the audience shouted at me to "get 'em off" and my one appearance on an Australian televison show feels like continents and a lifetime apart.

Then i was confused as to whether i should include paid and unpaid jobs, if temporary jobs counted,whether my dad paying me to find miss hit golf balls in the rough could be considered employment and if in reality i have simply been an actor all my life, just playing different roles .

So on the way home tonight i attempted a chronolgical list.

Newspaper delivery, unpaid Sunday schoolteacher, milkman's assistant, serving in a pub, refuse collection, christmas postman, sausage skin packer,footballpools coupon collector, town and country palnning office assistant, disco doorman(one night), adventure playground assistant,petrol garage assistant, performer, director, grape picker,teacher,translator, building labourer.

I wonder what i'll be when i grew up?

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