Friday 14 March 2008

Michael 3

Michael left yesterday and has returned to his life on the English coast, his job and has probably already eaten something wholesome and satisfying from his vegetable garden.

Travelling to the airport we discussed tactics for dealing with snails and slugs, something that I suspect, behind his serene wisdom, he is unduly preoccupied with.

He confirmed that in the past he has used smashing as a deterrent, he seems to take their presence amongst his cabbage leaves as a personal attack. This year he plans to eat them.

Personally I think this is taking things too far, I have always preferred to throw them as far into the neighbouring woods as possible, but his decision fits nicely with the fact that he is the only person I have seen eat an ant.

The only other thing to report is that at the airport we retrieved a Polish coin from the luggage trolley and that I think i have survived the scanning of the head; at least there is no outward manifestation of corporal trauma.

And it seems that the melon sticker has attached itself to the cover of the scanner.

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