Saturday 23 February 2008

Did They? Does it?

It wasn't a full moon last night, just a day or two after - but at eight in an evening which was already well advanced, my daughter said that the sunset was beautiful.

She surprised me not only because it was already dark but also because she was staring fixedly into the east.

It was the moonrise which had amazed her and rightly so as the all-but-full orb was an extravagant pink orange.

Since we were a little early for the cinema to which we were heading we stopped and watched as it/she rose majestically above the bare spindley branches of the still-wintered trees.

Minnie questioned if the moon was going to stay that colour or if sometime later in the night it would be half pink half white like a striped candy ball.

I suspected not, but i will never know for sure because by the time we left the screening of Into The Wild the moon was totally bright white and we drove home along moonshadows.

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