Friday, 25 January 2008


A while back I posted a blog in which I tried to describe a personal exploration of San Francisco through posts representing each of the letters of the alphabet. There is a link to that somewhere here.

Someone I met through that, Jesse, sent me an email recently which I had to include on what was, more or less, a finished blog.

Updating led me to see that it was time to get started again and as I was listening to Jack Johnson singing at that moment - I can tell that we are gonna be friends - I took the inspiration of Show and Tell from the song for the "theme".

I never got to do much Show and Tell at my primary school, we didn't do it, so this is a sort of catching up for me and maybe some interesting things for someone else, and I've added bits and bobs to the title as................. well that is what is here.

I'll start also by adding a video that The Guardian newspaper wrote about way back and seems to me to be majestic in its pointless genius.

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