Saturday 5 November 2022

Once More.

Let’s have a look at this desk, it’s something that we do here on BitsnBobs – the blog with a desk.

And a pen – it’s on the desk.

With this computer.

And an empty wine glass – this could be indicative, of something.

I’ll let someone else decide.

There’s a DVD – (Money Ball -an excellent film starring Brad Pitt) and a book (We go to the gallery – a Dung Beetle publication).

If either of them, you don’t know you should check them out.

Don’t let anyone put you off by saying that the former is a film about baseball and the latter a parody of Ladybird Books.

Both are much more.

There are some remedies on the desk – the empty wine glass perhaps, I’ll let you be the judge – but also some Bach remedies (in spray form) and some homeopathic flu granules.

I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m happy.

There’s an empty postcard, maybe for my sister and a half full box of matches; there was a bonfire today.

It’s November the Firth, just a coincidence, though it may be in my genes.

There’s a light for my bike.

A ticket for a flight.

And some photos, nine to be precise, of the person I will be flying to see. 

There’s a postcard, made from cork, sent from Portugal by her children.

There’s an atlas (of sorts) open randomly at a page that looks so interesting that I will have to go there.

By random chance it turns out to be at the end of a long distance walk.

I like walking.

There are some other books – an encyclopaedia ( that I might cut into) a book about writing (something I am doing at the moment) and a sketch book that I will use on Wednesday at the life class, if not before..

There’s also a calendar for 2022, which frankly, is almost over.

As is this.

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