Thursday 10 November 2022

The Remains of Remembered Memories.

I have finally attained a level three Samurai certificate!

It basically means I can hold a stick.

Chop certainly, but also a small branch or broom.

I am further allowed to manipulate a coat hanger within the confines of a wardrobe.

A wooden coat hanger.

Metal ones are covered in level two.

The certificate was awarded to me in a dream last night, which found me learning Japanese whilst tending a garden in the courtyard of the French Space Agency.

I was watering plants and later teaching English to someone from Japan who spoke it better than I.

English and Japanese.

The rigorous testing regime included watering plants through a small filter and convincing the Samurai Master that I was not trying to ascertain his age.

If I had been asked I would have ventured ‘venerable’.

In Japanese I can say hello, my name is Chris (Steve, Jack, Martin etc.) and count to five fairly quickly.

I used to know something else but it has gone with many other things that my youth was unable to hang on to.

All that remains are memories of a memory.


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