Friday, 8 September 2017

Ivan the Gnome.

the gallery/last night

Who’s that?

That’s Ivan.

He looks like a gnome.

He IS a gnome; he lives up there through the forest.

His nose is amazing!

It’s unique among the woodland creatures.

And who’s that.

That’s Noel; he was born on Christmas Day, a long long time ago.

Noel knows the gnome?

And the gnome knows Noel.

It must be a bummer having your birthday on Christmas Day.

It’s great for the parents, I’m not sure the kids are so happy; only one present for the two days.

Where’s Feissel?

He’s not here yet.

Not here yet? I thought he was the organiser.

Not really; he’s the grumpiest but Julian is the organiser.

Where’s he?

He’s gone off with Camille to try and find someone to protest to.

So what are we doing?

We’re holding the fort here in case someone turns up and starts trying to connect intelligent communication systems to anyone’s house.

What do we do if they do?

I’m hoping the gnome has a plan; if not there’s Marcel.

Who’s Marcel?

He’s the guy over there in the tractor.

I’ve seen him before.

We spoke to him a year or so ago when we were looking for the dog.

The Russian dog! I remember, he told us he had seen him that morning down by the road.

He might be more helpful this time, he’s going to block the road with the tractor.

Cool. Where’s the Mayor?

He’s hiding; he doesn’t want to cause any trouble.

Who’s the guy in pyjamas?

That’s the guy who got the letter, or at least he’s the guy who got two letters and misread them. It’s why we’re here.

He misread the letter?

Yes, he thought that the second letter was telling him that today was the day that the thing that the second letter had said that one day soon was going to happen, was happening.

And it isn’t?

It doesn’t look like it.

And it’s raining.

That’s why Noel has got his hat on and it’s why I’m standing here under this porch.

Whose porch is it?

The two guys who live in Holland that had a birthday party in August and left that glass over there next to the cross.

I thought that was for flowers.

Noel says not.

Does Noel think anything is going to happen?

He doesn’t, not this week anyway.

So we could go home?

We could.


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