Sunday, 10 September 2017

Tricky things with pins.

the garden/late august

Funny you should ask, I’m sitting outside it right now.

I thought you were in the office.

I’ve moved the office.

You’ve moved the editorial office?

For today, it’s an ambulant editorial office anyway.

This is radical.

It’s great, look – you can see all the people walking up and down the street; the church bells ring sometimes and there’s a great cup of tea.

What are you drinking?

Christmas in Peeking.

That’s a tea.


Peking has changed her name.

My tea hasn’t.


No it’s warm.

No, I meant this exhibition.

Quasi-religious erotic embroidery; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I don’t suspect Christmas in Peeking is either. By the way, I need your advice.



I advise you to try this tea.

No it’s about My Mue.

Ooooooh; does that make me a creative consultant?

It does, but I don’t have a badge for that.

I always give you badges, i even gave you a bike, but that’s ok, what is it?


No, I know that – but WHAT is it?

It’s an unexpected donation.

Was it on the photocopier?



Where was it?

In the car park.

And WHAT is it?



But the advice I am searching is - should I display it like this, or like this? 

I don’t know; where are you going to put it?

I thought it looked good on the noticeboard.

Where is the noticeboard?

On the wall at the side of the café.

The Mue has a café?

Of course it does! I told you this at least once before.

Sorry, I forgot. What does the Mue have in the café?

It would be nice if you could say ‘what do the Mue have in the caf?’ wouldn’t it?



What do the Mue have in the caf?

Ginger juice.

Ginger juice?

It’s good. We do smoothies too but some of the staff are new.

You have staff?

We have ‘helpers’ and they are not trained. They make it up as they go along.


And the other day they made a smoothie but left the peach stone in and blended it.

What happened?

The guy who drank it said it was really good but a bit bitty.

A bit bitty?


A bitty bit gritty.

A little bitty bit gritty.


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