Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pablo and his Oscar.

a drop away from the tower yesterday
Where would you like to start?

I don’t know, with Silence?

Oh, ok……..

I meant the film.

Oh, sorry. The Silence - Martin Scorsese’s pet project of over 20 years.

That’s the one.

I wish he’d kept it to himself for longer.

You didn’t enjoy it.

I couldn’t watch it. I was in the cinema, but I couldn’t bear to look.

Why didn’t you leave?

I thought someone might inflict extremely cruel and painful torture upon me if I even alerted them to my presence.

It has very good reviews.

Some people are weird.

This isn’t helping our readers make an informed judgement.

Go see something else.


La La Land.

People have criticised that.

People are weird.

Look, we need some more depth in this analysis. People have said it’s confectionary.

This is criticism that could be levelled at the seventh art in general.

Would you?



I like dancing, La La has dancing. It’s also named after one of my former cats.

That can’t be the reason.

Probably not. The film has Ryan Gosling in it, each time I watch him in a film I am impressed by his ability to act so differently.

What about the whitesplaining of jazz?

Chet Baker was white. Stan Getz too, I think. olpàààbg


Sorry, the cat just jumped on my lap, and my laptop is on my lap.

How is Pablo?

Very well, it must be his birthday; he’s all of one.

A bundle of fun.

A Wild one.

Some people have said that the film has no heart, that the lovers destroy love for self- satisfaction.

It’s a fair point.

And that in Casablanca the lovers destroy themselves for love.

Could be a sign of our times?

Where has love gone?

It’s not evident. Did the sixties really happen?

There are a lot of people around to day for whom the sixties is but a date.

It’s sad.

What would you tell them?

Go see Casablanca – it’s a wonderful film.

Better than La La Land?

Better than any film.

You’d like to be Rick?

I couldn’t do better.

Leave it there?


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