Sunday, 26 February 2017

Academy Drop.

the tree/jan 6

Should we be saying something about the Oscars, i think it's tonight.

No, no need. We covered it yesterday.


Covered enough, we talked about one of the contenders at least, that will do.

Oh, ok. I'm surprised.

Surprised is good, but we should say something about the Brits.


Perhaps it's just me, but didn't you find it a bit weird?

Which bit?

Best Artist award.


Yeah. Genius. Amazing artist. But...

But what?

Artist of the year?



What do you mean?

Well he hasn't been on stage all year.


Some people have.


Well, he didn't win it in 2016.

Ah, i see where you're going, but i think you are out on your own.

I just think the title of the award is wrong. Best Album, i can understand.

He won that too.

Fair enough, he had an album out. But...

Drop it.

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