Friday, 24 February 2017

Backwards and Forewards

across the valley/two days ago

So, what you were saying yesterday… I ‘ve been trying to make sense of it… you want each post to be a beginning, and the starting point to everything that came before positionaly and temporily (on the blog)?


Then you have to start at the end, write all of it and then post the last part first making sure that the last part makes sense on its own because it will be the first part initially, and as a beginning will have to say Happy New Year or something.


Look, let’s try another experiment – imagine it’s the beginning of the year again.

Can I do it on a separate piece of paper?

Sure – in the meantime I’ll list the Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas  Advent Calendar Thingy 2016 playlist.


Because Mary called it somber and wintery.


I want to check.

Ok, go ahead – I’ll get another piece of paper.

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