Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Right Now of Difficult.

right here /right morning now
m-I think I was drunk.

By that I guess you mean that the 'experiment' didn’t work?’


So does that mean we’ve abandoned the thing – because that would be a significant detail, something we are meant to be concentrating on this year?

Well, for the moment yes  - it turns out the whole thing is a mess and my brain can’t cope.

Lucky I’m here to help. What exactly were you trying to do?

Well, when someone drops onto the blog…

If they do.

Maybe, maybe not, but if they do they read a post and it’s the latest of something – this dialogue for example – that started many days previously.


On a blog yes, but it’s like dropping into the middle of a book – you have no idea what went before.

Do you want to?

In a book? Yes!

This isn’t a book.

But that’s what I wanted to try.

Write a book?

No, yes, no – I’m doing that elsewhere – no I wanted to try, experiment if you like, to see if I could make it so that wherever you dropped into the blog it would be the beginning.

Not the most recent?

It would have to be both.

It’s impossible.

Impossible just takes a little longer.

That’s a hint to a song is it not?

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