Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Interloper on the Ladder.

Cologne Art Gallery/Dec 16

Do you think - whilst you're lying in bed groaning - i could take the opportunity of showing a little more of my Mue?

Is there more to show?

It's largely uncharted.

Go ahead.

But you say if it's not ok.

Go ahead.

It is after all you in charge, i'm just a visitor.

An interloper.

I'll go ahead then?

Go ahead.

Because there's something really interesting in the display box on the side corridor of the Latest Acquisitions Chambers.

Is that next to the Foyer?

It's directly above, and slightly North West.

How do you get there from the Foyer?

There is a boat, but up this ladder is the quickest way.

Go ahead.


You're welcome.

Don't mention it.
the Occ Mue L.A.Chambers Exhibit 1
It's my pleasure.

You're so understanding.                            

GET ON WITH IT!                              

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