Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Heart, The Arrow and The Flies.


Tell me what you can see from the bed.

I can see loads of things from the bed, my feet for example.

Your feet?

If I move them.

Then you CANT see them. Focus on something specific.

Ok… there’s a box… er… a drawer. A box drawer… a printer’s layout box drawer… a display bow!

Well, that was specific… what’s on display?

A Shark.

A Shark!!?

A Pez Shark.

You collect Pez I believe.

That’s true.

So does your daughter?

You've been to the Pez Museum?

So, why a Shark, and why the capital S?

Don’t you think the word shark looks better with a capital Shark?

I concur; but why , out of all the possible Pez does your display box have a SHARK!

Ask my Daughter!

Fair enough… what else can you see?


Pencil or pencils?


How many?

Er, one, two…. Five… about ten.

Why so many?

They’re special.

What’s special about them?

They’re old school pencils. They don’t make them like that anymore. And they have all been sharpened, some used, sharpened again and some used longer than others. But they all look ready for action as if the sharpening was five minutes past. And the sharpening is a joy to behold. Honed with love, perfection and a craftsperson’s eye and hand.

Who sharpened them?

Doesn’t she need them?

Not any more, she gifted them to me.

You miss her don’t you?

It won't change.


Giuseppe Grossi said...

Lovely, sharp pencils. I share that love.

Have you any Pezcilz?

popps said...

hello sunshine

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