Monday 16 January 2017

A Semantic Choice.

ulli's appt/Cologne/December 2016

The occasional museum of unexpected content.

I beg your pardon?

The occasional museum of unexpected content.

Ah. And?

I’m thinking of starting one.

Can you?

Why not?

Well, you just said;  “I’m thinking of starting one.” Semantically speaking that DOES suggest that there is already at least ONE other somewhere, and there may be copyright issues.

In that case - I can! My semantics were careless…. Ooohh… hang on…. I may call it The Careless Museum of Unexpected Donation.

Content, donation – you need to decide and semantically speaking, ‘careless’, may not be the right word – it could suggest that you don’t care.


I suspect - if you are thinking of becoming a founder - that you DO care?

Dam right sunshine. So what about the Random Museum of Unexpected Content?

It’s really difficult to name a museum I think.

You’re right.

Especially when it doesn’t exist.

Oh it exists- almost - It just hasn’t been curated.

Curated or created?


How about the Un-curated Museum of unexpected Donation.

Too many ‘urn’s.

Get the Thesauraus.

“The fortuitous concourse of atoms”.

Nice, but a bit long.



Misplaced, I quite like that. The Misplaced Museum of Unexpected Donation.

Doesn’t that, semantically, suggest that it’s in the wrong place, or lost?

In a way that irregular doesn’t?


The Irregular Museum of Unexpected Donation?

Is it permanent?

Yes and no.


I’ve got it!! The Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donations.  It’ll be here tomorrow.


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