Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Occasional Museum.

london town/2015

Em, didn't you promise - on Monday - that yesterday we would see the opening of your museum?

The Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donation?

That's the one.

I did.

Well, It's Wednesday.

My museum is living up to its name.

How come?

It's occasional.

Very, it would seem.

Well i did explain that the museum already existed, it just hasn't been curated.

If exists, why can't we see it.

You need to know where to look.

I think if you want any visitors you need to help us.

Well, there is one exhibit here.

That was a link wasn't it?

It was, but it was also one of the rooms in the Occasional Museum of Unexpected Donation.

it looks like a page of this blog.

Looks like that, but it's part of the Museum, only part.

There's more?

Yes, but i'm trying to set up a partnership with Bob.

Bob of the boxes?

Yes he's going to be co-curator.


It's a Museum of love.

Can we see another exhibit?

Only if you walk into the foyer.

Your museum has a foyer?

Oh yes.

Where ?


The Occ Mue Foyer Exhibit A


Anonymous said...

oh i ilke this!

popps said...

Ah Thank you!
You are in fact the first visitor to the museum - you should have let us know that you were coming - we would have opened the doors to some of the other rooms - which are of course still being painted ,but there were some cheese and pineapple things on cocktail sticks you could have munched on.

the editor