Sunday, 15 January 2017

Significant Pressure.

late june 2016/garden


I’d say!

It’s October! Or janausary, sorry – January, I’m writing in the back of a car. Depending if you are reading this now – as we write – or then – as it’s posted. Which will be now.

So, tell me why is it October, and why are you writing in the back of  a car?

Well it’s October because it’s about to be November and I’m on my way to London which is in both November and the future.

Who’s driving?

My son and my daughter.


No, ok… my daughter just did a two hour stint and now my son is doing his, which should get us to the boat.

Is that a significant detail?

It would be good, by the way, if EVERY post this (next) year had a signicant detail.

That’s a lot of pressure you’ve just applied.

A significant pressure!

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