Saturday, 3 December 2016

A List of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 3.

Ok, I have to admit at least three things.

1) This ditty is, in the opinion of the Editorial Staff, not up to the usual high demands of the Melody Subsection Staff whose job is to see if they are whistling the thing the next day. But it IS very, very Christmassy in its content – something that is not always directly achieved here on the Bitsnbobs Musical Christmassy Advent Calendar Thingy.

2) It is over thirty degrees on a late August Summer’s Day as I write, and the fact that I have just heard this on the radio suggests I should really jot something down now - because by December I
will be struggling for not-used-before Bitsnbobs Musical Christmassy Advent Calendar Thingy content. (BaMCACTC).

3) I have NO recollection of why the first two posts in this year’s BaMCACT
have titles like A Blancmange of…. Or, A Phone Call of…. 

Both of those posts were written back at the beginning of the year (Feb and March
respectively) in anticipation and expectation. 

Something that I think we can all agree is quite Christmassy spirit-y. 

So… I guess I’d better re-read them….

.. ok, got it!

Ah , ok, so that makes this one…..

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