Friday, 2 December 2016

A Phone call of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016 ) 2

Hey - why not write the second post in the 2016 Christmas Musical Advent Calendar right now?

Because it's March?

The twelfth?

No time like the present eh?

Why put off 'till tomorrow what can be done today?


I was driving to work yesterday, listening to a home made collection of ditties and this one came on, and i thought - hey they are talking frost, they are talking tinsel - this could be in the next Thingy.

Then i thought is it?

I thought that 'cos the thingy gets archived - sometimes from the year before.

So i rang Bob.

Hi Bob - it's me.
Hi, how's tricks?
Tricks are good - and you you?
Mustn't grumble, do you need a box?
I need someone to look in the 'Next Thingy' Box, are Field Report in there?
Hang on......much maligned..... mysterious stuff..... new olds.... here it is 'Next Thingy'........ no they aren't.
Ok thanks. say hello to the twins.
I will, oh by the way Ms Penny is knitting you some socks for Christmas.
That's brilliant, tell her ... er... tell.... um...
Yes. Tell her yes.
Ok, be speaking, or seeing, take care.


MARY said...

Nice one!

Great lyrics:

We are marigolden, dropping orange and umber, just barely holding on...

...Leave the lights, cuz it might be night time when I get there and I'm on our way home ...

... the body archives what the mind forgets -- every heartbreak and cigarette.

New one for me. Thanks!


popps said...

Mary, Mary!
Can you believe it!!
It's December already and The Thingy is back!!

Christmas will soon be upon us !

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