Sunday, 4 December 2016

A Beach of a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 4.

I get the feeling that people don't understand the amount of blood, sweat and tears goes into Bitsnbobs.

The blog with tear ducts, skin and arteries.

So i thought i'd tell you.

It's September, eclipse of the harvest coming in a few days time and the temperature is in the thirty degree C ball park.

Too hot to be thinking about Christmas eh?

This came on the radio and the editorial staff jumped into action  - hey guy (there was only me in the office)!

Yes, out came the pens and paper - or maybe the laptop - and quickly we set up the fourth segment of the  Bitsnbobs 2016 Musical Advent Calendar Thingy.

Then we went back to thinking about the beach.

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