Saturday, 28 May 2016

Save the World, Find the Book (Part 4)

the lane of

Neither of them knew how to sail, but that was ok. The waters and the wind would take you where you wanted to go if you paid tribute.

“What do we have?” Pep asked, and for the first time Josh realised that Pep too was scared.

He grinned, and for a moment she thought the sun had brightened; “Don’t worry.” He reached into his pocket and showed her three shells.

“This one, I am certain, is a crab;” and he offered her the shell. She took it and held it in her palm; it felt heavy and the rich ruby colours made her hand look pale.

“It’s beautiful”

“And this one is a mystery.”

Pep looked at the second shell, though it was difficult to see where the shell finished and the barnacles began or where the barnacles finished and the shell shelled.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Only because I found this”, Josh sounded triumphant and offered her the third.


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