Sunday, 29 May 2016

See C.


She speaks a different language.

And she comes from a different time.

And place.

Communication is going to be difficult.

When she laughs she is full of the mountains and the rivers that run through them.

But he does not know if there are mountains in her country.

There are trees though.

Big, big trees unlike any he has seen.

She hands him a seed; it is covered in sugar and spice.

“We ate these when I was a kid,” she explains, “sometimes we overdosed.”

He offers her one; she slips it into her mouth.

Once she has swallowed the sugar she takes the seed out and hands it to him.

“For your garden.”

Will it grow there?

The garden faces north and the soil is dark, not red.

Is the ground red where she comes from?

The sugar coating on the seeds is red.

Her lips are red.

Her earrings are red.

He blushes.


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