Friday 16 January 2015

The Duality of Yesterday.

not berlin

SPLASH! That was the sound of us returning to the stream as we said at the end of yesterday’s post.

Do you want to add an editorial note there, as we also spoke about yesterday?

I don’t think I need to as I already said ‘yesterday’s post’ and you have too.

A duality of yesterday’s equals one editorial post maybe?

That could be another, mathematical question in a future Quiz of the Year, if we were going to do one again; which we aren’t likely too as the Quiz of the Year 2014 was met with an outrage of indifference.

We were due to tackle the results of the Quiz of The Year 2014 today I believe.

There isn’t exactly a clamour for it though is there? Neither of the two people who answered to the quiz have flooded our offices with questions of “have I won” have they?

Hi hi, very clever – I like the way we started with SPLASH!, then we spoke streams and now we are onto flooding! All very biblical in a way, so maybe we should move into the murky waters of Religion….but remember, when you say ‘stream of conscious’, as you did (editorial note) that does suggest that ‘this’ (editorial note) was written down somewhere, all as one piece.

It was, it is, wasn’t/isn’t it?

Sort of.

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