Thursday 15 January 2015

Fish eat Fish.

in deep

So..... i guess it's time to announce the Winner of The Quiz of The year 2014.

It is.... but can I just interrupt this stream for a moment?


Well, that’s what ‘this’ is, isn’t it? (editorial note). ‘This’ is a stream of consciousness.

If you like.

If I like what? If I like it’s a stream of conciosuness or if I like I can interrupt?

Up to you Bone.

OOOh clever, you knew I wanted to say something about that book didn’t you?

I did.

You can read my mind.

I can!

Did you like the book?

I finished it.

Yes, but did you like it?

We are talking about The Rule of The Bone by Russel Banks aren’t we?

You know we are!

I do!

So, did you like it?

At first I thought the chapters were badly finished, there wazs no need to read on, it was as if they had been written as short stories, and then when he met his dad the whole tone changed whereas I think it shouldn’t have at that moment. He grew up too quickly. Also I didn’t like the way characters were built up then dropped – his mate, the young girl, Buster – it made them seem unimportant. But basically, yep, I liked it and might read another of his books.

Was there a quote you would like to share?

Page 200. “….and by the time she got to me she had her arms opened wide like a real mom so when I stood up I kind of walked right into her and disappeared inside.”

Cool. Back to the stream?


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