Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pope in a Suitcase.

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Talking of religion, as we were only 24 hours ago, how do you get to be a saint?


I said – how do you get to be a saint?

Why do you ask? We said we were going to give the results of The Quiz of The Year 2014. Do you want to be a saint?

No way! In fact if there is a “way to be a saint” – which clearly I do not know if there IS ‘cos I’m asking you, for the third time, how do you get to be one – I think WANTING to be one should disqualify you.

WHY are you asking then, do you know someone else that wants to be a saint?

No, clearly not, because if you had just listened to what I said THAT would also disqualify them. It’s because I went to see that film.

Which film?

Calvary, with Breendan Gleeson. (editorial note)

Is it about a saint?

Not really, it’s about Christ, I think, and dying for other people’s sins, or maybe it’s about forgiveness.

You don’t sound clear about it.

Good films are like that, there’s layers and then there’s layers. But it got me thinking of Saints, because I read something about Edmund Rice who might be one but isn’t but there’s a bit of his knee in a sports club somewhere. (editorial note)

Ok, you’ve lost me not to mention any readers, are we talking about a film, or Edmund Rice or a sports club.

It’s all connected, but what I really want to know is how do you get to be a fegging saint (editorial note).

I think you have to be dead.


And before that you had to be alive.


And when you were alive you had to have done some notable things.

That counts you out then. (editorial note)
So it’s up to others to make a case for you and there used to be a time limit of five years before they could start, but that might have changed.

Do you mean a suitcase?

No, a case, a sort of file I guess of why you, not you exactly but whoever, are notable. If the case/file thingy is good Rome, or someone who lives there, might start looking into it.

Someone who lives there? Like Ms Peschken?

Well maybe not her, whoever she is. Who is she?

You don’t know Ms Peshken?

I don’t.

You need to get out more.

My heads beginning to swim, can we finish this tomorrow, I DO need to get out.


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