Sunday 1 September 2013

A Thought of the Day - Siftings

You know about the archives?

I do. You are of course referring to the archived archives NOT the bit over there on the left (and down a bit) that says blog archives and refers only to what appeared here before, aren’t you?

I am.

Then I know about them and anyone worth their salt should also know about them.

Well, there’s been a development.

There has? Pray tell.

Ms Penny, head archivist and dragon-to-boot always puts a cardboard box outside the door every evening as she locks up just in case anything turns up whilst she is sleeping.

I didn’t know that.

Lucky I'm here then. Anyway, she works very long hours and sleeps even very less, so there is rarely much in he cardboard box the next morning that requires filing away in the extensive underground storage areas known as The Caves.

Ah – the Caves!

And as you know most would-be contributors are sleeping too.



Oooh. What?

This summer something happened; firstly Ms Penny took a weekend off to sunbathe at the beach and secondly would-be contributors woke up and made hay.


Ms Penny came back from her bronzing and found a cardboard box that was overflowing and a front door that was hidden by the piles of donated archival material.

Like Tony Hanncock?

That’s a VERY obscure reference that very few will pick up on so we could leave a link but yes, and that’s when Marina, an unemployed ballerina from Rumania, just happened to drive up in her blue van asking directions to Budapest.

Marina? That’s a sort of Mary?

I’ll ignore that.

One can’t ignore Mary!

Marina! Not Mary! Though it might be Maria…. Anyhow….Ms Penny is not one to let a business initiative go by and so before you could say “marina is a ballerina from Budapest” she had employed the young lady, given her half of the contents of the cardboard box and front porch and sent her off to be the first Bitsnbobs mobile archive – charged with a mission of wandering the highways and byways looking for anyone interested in accessing the hitherto distant archives, even most of the collection is unfinished.


We caught up with her in a lay-by near an ancient Saxon church somewhere in the lost marshes.

Where are they?

Well.... lost, but I had a quick sift through the box.


Hence – September’s Siftings.

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