Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer Clear Out.

I figured it was time to clear out the inbox of my mobile phone again – you never can tell when you may need extra memory….


What was I saying?

Oh yes – memory, you never can have enough.

So I cleared out the inbox on my mobile phone.

You never can tell when you might… have I said this already?

I cleared it out before – I can remember doing that at least - here and also here.

I’m sure that one day I will understand the screts of the universe through this.

Send us a messa
No problem..haha
Ooh inside sorry
What does sid m…
Yes I know
Heu no im ok ive..
Ooh ok ☺ill try
Sorry leaving no..
Just finished lea..
Yes I got some☺
I’m in the plan..
Can you phone m..
Okey love you ☺
I did ballet today
Yeah a little
Walking home
I have
Pineapple dance
At ellies again
Hes okey lol
We just cycled t..
Did you get it?
Ok whats your e..
Ok at ellies
Well do you want
Wow ooh no if y…
Aah whats tge t..
Good☺ im going..
Whats up?
☺you tooxx
oh srry☺
im fine☺ with va..
saying hi to harr..
avec plaisr
dossier depose..
Minnie a ete abs..
No on the motor..
Hey topps, lucky…
Call me!
We’re in gaillac w…
What did you ph..
We’ve arrived☺
Its ok see you la..
U do not have to..
Yeah my dad tol..
We are going to…
The bus will only..
in how long will u..
Mabey give the..
Tops I need my p…
Did you get lucy’…
Hey chris, it’s luc..
To late sorry..
Her no we just l..
Hey chris can u..
Vero is coming at..
Ooh ok do you w..
Ok be there in a …
Did u cycle?
15 euros and a c..
the car is at mar…
Call us!

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