Sunday, 30 March 2008


Have you ever been on your bike and suddenly the sky turns black, gale force winds and freezing driving rain brings you to a standstill and the only solution is to turn away from home and be blown to the insufficient shelter of a doorway of an old abandoned barn, barred against further entry?

Have you ever stood and watched the same wind drive waves of wind past an ancient walnut tree, strongly anchored at the trunk but with a crown that twists and turns with a litheness that is more muscular than vegetal?

Have you ever listed the SMS messages archived on your mobile phone?

Where are,
I’m on my,
18.35 this,
Just crosse,
Its grandma,
Have ing di,
No not now I’ll h,
I hope you,
I love you,
No its ok actual,
Tops you have,
Hell I was,
Tops don’t f,
11 in French!!!,
I love you al,
I’ve been re,
…and we’d,
Of course bo,
Tops my lo,
You can call,
What count,
Is t,
Send me a tex,
You can come n,
Call me on,
I’m at St Antoni,
Stopped for,
Oh dear I do,
Tops wee are,
Never mind,
If you are a,
Have fun ki,
It’s a short,
Im missing,
Good night,
It was fine,
Yes now th,
Just arrive,
We got to h,
Ummmmm tipy t,
Happy bir,
Can you get,
Sweat drea,
Ive ordered my,
Let her di I,
Me too I will,
Please give,
Good night,
Hi are you o,
Good! She,
Did you buy,
It would cos,
Don’t know,
Yes then I,
Sleep tight,
You could p,
Take a bat,
Welcome ba,
Happy gam,
What time I,
Have a saf,
4 hours ago,
Then feed h.

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