Saturday, 29 March 2008

Spring Cleaning

It's time to tidy up.

On the 23 March i posted to this blog a list of animals i had seen in a 24 hour period.

The 24 hour period was 25. Sorry for that.

In the same post i said that i had seen a horse, without policeman.

I did see a horse but the policeman bit was originally a joke the comedian (now actor) Keith Allen told on stage in a west London pub years ago. I don't want to steal his material.

It was a weird evening; Keith had been the feature of a Time Out Magazine article that was very, very glowing so the pub was packed and Keith in a belligerent mood. Some of the audience believed that heckling and attacking him verbally would bring out his best material. It made for an unpleasantly tense evening.

Some months later i went to see him at another venue where there was a great audience but he didn't turn up. The host called upon Tony Allen, another comedian who was in the audience, to fill the gap and he had no scruples about using some of Keith's jokes.

I heard that Keith did a show in Deptford once where he recreated his bedroom on stage and slept there, waking up for each of the evenings performances.

I don't know if the tale got retold in the telling but it seems like an extremely creative idea.

Anyhow the tidying up includes around this desk where i have just found this.

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