Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Self Portrait 7

So – if I were an animal I’d be a cat.

If I were a bird, I would be a swallow.

A colour?


A fruit – cherry (or strawberry - I just ate a really good one).

A tree?

Hmmmmm – willow, oak, oak, willow. Er – if I say oak you’ll think I’m strong – I’m not.

A flower, bluebell.


Thunder – again, I’m not strong, but I am impulsive.

If I were a sound, I’d be the water over pebbles in a mountain stream.

A sea?

Pacific Ocean.

If i were a film, it would be Casablanca.

Colour or black and white?

Black and white.

Up or down?


In or out?


Yes or no?



Anonymous said...

are you sure about bluebell?
look at the meaning of flowers.
they are beautiful, they also grow in ancient sites.....but have alook at the meaning, the language of your bluebell.

popps said...

I found this.

Bluebells have long been symbolic of humility and gratitude. They are associated with constancy, gratitude and everlasting love. Bluebells are also closely linked to the realm of fairies and are sometimes referred to as "fairy thimbles." To call fairies to a convention, the bluebells would be rung.

Bluebells are widely known as harebells in Scotland. The name originated due to the hares that frequented the fields covered with harebells. Some sources claim that witches turned themselves into hares to hide among the flowers.

Another name for bluebells is Dead Man's bells. This is due to the fact that fairies were believed to cast spells on those who dare to pick or damage the beautiful, delicate flowers. The people of Scotland are fond enough of the flower to continue this tradition in the hopes of protecting the little flower.

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