Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Self Portrait 8

There is a woman who lives near here known to everyone as Indiana's Mum; I’m sure she has a name of her own but no on can remember it - so we name her after here son who we all remember.

He’s quite a character.

His mum is too - she home schools Indiana and his little sister, studies anthropology in her spare time and is an expert on Native American Indian culture.

She sat opposite me at a village event recently (for these purposes recently means three or four years ago, probably more) and passed me an old notebook.

She looked me in the eye and said - “Draw me your skeleton.”

Assuming it was a Native Indian ritual I took the book and when I opened it I discovered about sixty different skeletons, each one with the name of the owner and the date of the drawing.

She collects skeletons.

Stripping down to the bones can reveal a lot about a person.

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