Monday, 20 June 2011

Self Portrait 20

If you are a woman and you go to my local supermarket on Mother's Day - they will give you a rose.

It doesn't matter if you aren't a mother - as they say, you could be.

If you are a dad and you go to my local supermarket on Father's Day......

Well, I'm glad they didn't give me a cigar - nothing is better.

I like fire but....

Dear Dad.

Yesterday was dad’s day and I should have thought of you, I didn’t and I’m sorry for that.

I was thinking of someone else - I’m one too.

But never as one should.

I don’t even understand the first lesson of all – don’t play with fire.

Look at the dancing orange flames – they are so beautiful.

Draw closer to the mystery within – feel their warmth.

They make no sound – except for those who listen deeply.


But I always forget.

It is not your fault, it never was.

It was not the fire’s.

I alone carry the load.

All things pass – that’s another.

And these burns may too.

Maybe even forgetfulness.

I hope.

Or I despair.

I would have liked a rose...

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