Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Self Portrait 21

And God created Man in his/her own image – I read that somewhere, maybe in the bible.

In which case I must look like God!

So, God has a big and fat back?

My son – a very skinny thing- has a new movie camera and last night (seeing how he likes to annoy me as much as possible) he filmed me whilst I was brushing my teeth.

I don’t look my best at these sorts of moments (if any) so I threatened to spit minty froth at the lens - he ignored me and just continued filming.

It was when he forced me to watch the rushes that I discovered that God has a big and fat.

If that thing ends up on Youtube I will disinherit the boy.

What of, exactly, remains unclear – my legacy is likely to be one toothbrush.

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