Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thought of the Day 21

photo by minnie

Did you celebrate?

Did I celebrate? Of cour… DID I celebrate? What do you mean did I celebrate?

Did you celebrate?

DID I celebrate? DID I celebrate? What do you mean did I celebrate?

Did… hang on… we’re looping.

WE’RE looping? What do you mean WE’RE looping? YOU’re lopping!

I’m looping!?

Yes! You’re looping.

You’re loopy!

I’m not.

You are!



Whatever. Anyway I did.



Did what?

Did celebrate.

Bobbie’s birthday?

Yep. Of coour…. What do you mean did I celebrate?

Did- ah, you’re trying to do it again!

I was hoping we would get a 4th Time Round!

He-he, well Sooner or Later eh?

That’s not a title!

You sure?


That doesn’t count either then, unless you say Fourth Street.

Fourth Street.

It’s got to make sense though!

Ok, but you can’t have Sooner or Later - it’s in brackets in the title, you should know that.

Well, One of us Must Know or this isn’t going to work.

OOOOH – very good!

How many points is that then?

Hang on….. one each.

So, did you celebrate?

You bet.

What did you do?

All I Really Want(ed) To Do!

No, that doesn’t count, you’re cheating – there’s no ed in there.

Oh, you’re Just Like A Woman!

Hang on, that might be sexist, then I would have to disqualify it.

Don’t think Twice, It’s All right.

He-he-he. Very good. Bit of an expert aren’t you?

I Guess I’m Doing Fine!

Well It Ain’t Me Babe!

Yes, good, that’s four two if you let me have Just Like A Woman.

The Man In Me says you may – four three!

I don’t know, On A Night Like This I think we should have One More Cup of Coffee! Six three!!

You’re very competitive aren’t you?

A bit.

Yep, I’m Seeing The Real You At Last! Six-four! I’m catching you up!!

Ok, ok, but aren’t we meant to be talking about films – we usually do here on Sundays.

Well, The Times they Are a Changing!

Wait, that’s not fair, I wasn’t ready!!

Now you’re just Blowing In The Wind, admit it, I have you beat!

It’s six six, you haven’t won.

I offer you a draw.

Ok, I accept, see you next week?

Why not tomorrow?

Tomorrow Is A Long Time! I win.

You can’t do that, you just accepted a draw.




Idiot! Wind!


Mary said...

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding ....

We have TWO winners.


Watch this fab video by the other BOB that I love so much:


popps said...

Do you mean -ENOUGH!!

Mary said...

No -- I mean, you both win. Is there ever ENOUGH Bob Dylan? I think not.

I heard Marley's 'Is this love?' on the radio while I was driving into work. It lifted my spirits, so I thought I might share it.
C'est tout.

Mx :-)

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