Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bobbie's Birthday Bash.

Where would you rather be?

A back alley in London or Venice?

If you asked me – Venice, clearly.

Soft spring/summer evening, water, red roses – no contest.

The reason I ask is because I wonder if you, like me, always muddle up Don’t Look back and Don’t Look Now?

Even today I will have to use Wikipedia to be sure.

Hang on…..

Ah, yes, Don’t Look Now, 1973, filmed in Venice.

Don’t Look Back, 1965, Britain, partly filmed in an alley, maybe London behind the Savoy hotel?

Then again back alleys in London can be fun too – depending on where they lead to.

Except, it might not have been a back alley in London in Don’t Look Back(documentary of Bob Dylan’s British Tour in the sixties); Alan Ginsberg is in the shot and the only source I could find this morning with a quick google states that it was shot in an alley in New York.

Fair enough.

So, where would you rather be, Venice or New York?

Tough one.

And how many roads must you walk down before you get called a man?

Seventy perhaps?

Yep, happy Birthday Bob.

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