Monday, 30 May 2011


Are cherries fattening? I’m eating enough at the moment to find out, so I’ll get back to you on this.

However, sleeping in apparently IS fattening.

According to a recent article, that I read but forget WHERE I read it – so I can’t give you one of those click-able-onny link things – if you get up early and go to bed early you consume almost 300 calories more than someone who goes to bed late and gets up late.

Well, that’s what the article said.

I have had a look at my son, who - although (apparently) an adult same as me – rarely shuts his eyes before one a.m. and never opens them before noon, and I have to say he is pretty skinny.

Makes me look lumpen.

Still, I get to do more in an average day than he achieves in a month!

I’ve been wondering – surely late teenage and early adult can be the best years of your life, so why do we spend so much of the time asleep?

Gaining substantiality?


Anne Hodgson said...

He's got it down. Sleeping enough is what keeps you thin. They say 12 hours without munching and imbibing are key. And the ability to really relax. Our nervous bodies seem to hang onto fat for cover in times of need, like a safety blanket.

Yawn. Maybe just another hour or so of blissful nothingness.

popps said...

Hi Anne - just found this.
how are you?

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