Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just Say NO!

When I lived in England my car had a mileometer – you know, a device for measuring the number of miles I had driven.

Now that I live in France and I drive a French car what do I have?

A kilometerometer?

I can’t call it a kilometre, because that will just confuse things, as that is what the “thing” counts.


On Friday evening my son, who has recently passed his driving test, popped his head around the door and asked –“Can I borrow the car?”

I said –“Yes”.

On Monday morning he popped his head around the door and said – “I’m back.”

I went out and looked at that thing that counts how many kilometers you do and he had done 260.

Is that ok?

I need help here.

I remember someone advising – “Never lend your car to anyone you have given birth too.” Should I just say no next time?

Ok, he did fill up the tank with petrol but what about piston wear, tyre usage, oil consumption, head gasket fatigue, big end barnacles and my grey hair?

Should there be a law?


Mary said...

I think as long as he doesn't drink and drive, borrowing the car is ok. Prefer to have them in a car rather than a scooter or motorcycle. Much safer to be sure.

Nothing to be done about the grey hair though. You've earned each and every one.

My son has decided to shave his head into some god-awful style that will feature the number '4' in honour of his favourite baseball player.

Be thankful. We were all young once.


PS -- How is Loui doing at art school?

popps said...

DON'T get me started on Art School!
He's been accepted at two, Marseille and Pau and is refusing to go as it's too far from home!!

Mary said...

Go figure. Where would he prefer to study? Is there somewhere closer that would be just as good?


popps said...

I told you not to get me started!
Yes there is a place nearer but they didn't offer him a place!

Mary said...


Nuf said.

Good day for some cherries and chocolate?

popps said...

That's a great idea!

Mafalda said...

It's beautiful when you ask your parents and they just say "yes" straightaway : I can hear love and trust, and it always moves me. When mum says "yes", or "of course", or "whenever you like", I wonder how many people on earth would have such spontaneous and generous answers for me.

popps said...

Thank you Mafalda - i will think twice now about saying no.

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