Monday, 16 May 2011

Expect nothing less!

I wanted to start this piece by telling you about a comic i have only ever heard on vinyl, and that a very long time ago, but of course I can’t remember his name or the name of the album, or anything very much that would justify my beginning this piece by me, telling you, about it.

So I probably shouldn’t.

I listened to the album at a formative time; it obviously originated in a Vietnam, hippy America, was certainly counter-culture, has probably dated but contained some funny stories told with conviction and passion.

I was thinking about it again the other day because of something I read in the paper.

On the album was a story about a political candidate who ran on an “Ass” ticket, and how the story teller, male, voted for this candidate because he was drunk.

The story went onto explain how one day, sober, he heard a knock on the door and found a beautiful woman who said “Hi, you voted for Ass and I have come to give you it to you”

Ok, so to hippy, counter-culture originating in post Vietnam angst, i should probably add sexist and chauvinistic.

Still, the point was valid – a lot of politicians promise things that they never deliver – and poses the question “how successful would they be if they did?”

This all came to mind last week when there was a knock on the door and…. I mean…… when I read the paper and saw that ex-president Putin is promising the Russians that he will increase life expectancy.

That could be the election promise to end all election promises.

Could anyone top that?

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