Thursday, 14 April 2011

Yesterday's Papers

warning, this post contains attempted irony.


I do!

And maybe you?

I am assuming at this point that you have listened to the song that is youtubed and posted above.

There is a danger with this of course - in that one is never sure when, what you think is going on, went on.

I don’t always find the time to read a paper EVERY day, so I buy a weekly (The Guardian Weekly).

So unless they choose to print it, I might miss it.

Whatismore (don’t you think that should be one word? Furthermore is, so why not?), the opportunity does not always arise for me to finish The Weekly.

Occasionally not even to open it, so I stack it with the others, randomly around the house – hoping for just such an ocassion.

Those stacks often remain untouched until the need to light a fire presents itself, at which point you will find me reading avidly.

So I have little idea about the passage of time as reflected in the issues of the day.

Did you know, for example that George Bush is still bombing the middle east?

Libya this time round.

Or, as I read today, that somebody is planning to use artificial clouds to reduce the temperature during the Football World Cup in 2022 which is programmed to take place under the same Middle Eastern Summer Skies that are presently host (give or take a country or two) to bombing raids.

It could be an April fool of course, but maybe it's true.

Around these parts people inform me that farmers regularly shoot the clouds to disperse them northwards away from the vineyards, so i guess floating cloud cover for a football match is just as likely.

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