Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A larf a minute.

Go on, write down the names of your top three comedians before you read on.

Done it?

A friend, clearly a misguided one, sent me an email recently saying that they were off to see some Chekov comedies.


Seems like a contradiction in terms if you ask me.

I'm willing to bet he didn't make your top three.


Anonymous said...

Chekhov, clever man in the mid 1800s
perhaps parrallel to Alan Ayckbourne comedies, or The fast show (old tv sketch show)
The Propasal, The Bear.
Short shows.
Short sketches perhaps.
Very funny.
we all learn from our old masters!

Anonymous said...

Are the Marx brothers 3 or 1 or 4 LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh and two days ago the photo of you is fab - very lovely you x I just got two kittens! Today I discovered that brother and sister are two sisters - here come the girls x

Mary said...

What town is that in the photo? Look pretty nice. And where were you in the picture that Loui took of you where you look so .... pensive? Are you travelling right now?


Mary said...

No, I take it back, you don't look pensive in the photo but there is something there -- an ennui, perhaps? A something that I can't quite put my finger on. Arms folded, what is it?


popps said...

Anonymous - you ask if the Marx brothers are 3 or 1 or - god help us - 4?
I assume this question is posed in reply to the invitation to note down your top three comedians.
Well, if you think Zeppo is worth adding to that list in ANY way, we will need to go out into the alley to discuss things!

popps said...

Mary - the town is Cordes-sur-Ciel.

it's just around the corner and according to Loui the only place you can possibly get your hair cut.

I meanwhile am in the middle of the photo you refer to - can't you see me?

Oh, maybe i misunderstood you - in Toulouse

popps said...

Mary - i'm just off to look up ennui, i'll get back to you.

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