Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Oh this is SO brilliant!

I know it’s not demeaning to gloat but I just can’t help it, I’m SO happy.


You know how I hate Twitter?

It annoyed me before, just because it was, then when the creator tried to copyright the word Tweet – read all about it – I got really annoyed.

But this is brilliant!!

It goes without saying that if I think Twitter is a complete waste of space, then I might think people who think it isn’t, are at best misguided.

But now I’m SOOOOOO happy!

In 2009 I set up a Twitter account, checking it out and thinking that if I ever repeated the Bitsnbobs Improvisation Week (read all about it) it might help.

And then I never used it.

BUT! Today I received an email informing me that I have a follower!!!!

On Twitter!!!


Of course, it could just be a marketing ploy, but…

It confirms all my prejudices!

Can I claim a first?

Never tweeted a tweet, not a twit, and yet…

A follower!!!


priscila nilson (@priscilamqqnils) is now following your tweets (@Twopps) on Twitter.


Mary said...


[not mine -- compliments of Conan O'Brien]

"Wall Street guy with inside information reports that a merger of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook is imminent and will become the most colossal waste of time ever created in the history of mankind. The merged company will be called -- YOU TWIT FACE."

Congrats on your 1st follower!


popps said...

What should i do with them Mary?

Mary said...

If they are willing to follow -- then you must lead, I guess.

Send out a TWEET -- what's the harm?


popps said...

What's the harm?
What's the harm?!!!

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