Friday, 15 April 2011

When is a monk not a monk?

(when it's a non)

I just got home from a three-day gruelling period of brain numbing work, opened the door of the car and fell asleep in the reclined seat before I could get out.

It happens.

The soft evening sun washed over me, a cuckoo in the garden lulled me into dreamland and the cats gathered to see what I was doing.

Sleeping pretty deeply it turned out, because when I woke an hour or so later I found that I was covered in dusty cat paw prints.
I looked like an Andy Warhol painting.

I decided then to check my emails.

It’s logical.

I needed to know what else had been going on whilst I slept.

And what had been going on was that someone had left a comment on my blog.

Here it is – ‘Anonymous said...who else is anonymous I am because I am technically challenged but I sympathize this time – Gosh’


I thought dusty cat prints that appeared from nowhere were surprising enough but this beats that.

I mean, how am I supposed to know?

Is this the Anonymous that I know, or the anonymous that I don’t know: is it an anonymous that I think i know but not the same as another anonymous that I may know - or some anonynother?

The trouble here is that my wife sometimes leaves comment under the moniker anon, and so does at least one other female who knows me well enough to know better; and both have been known to add a kiss at the end of the comment.

But sometimes they don’t.

And sometimes, for all I know, there may be other anonymous out there – I received one such assigned comment recently that said “hi, if you find and need information about penis enlargement or male enhancement products that are guarantee to work you can find here! are product is the best like vimax and vigrx plus is the popular and effective products to enhance your health.”

I don’t think it was my wife.

And there was no kiss.

So i decided to read my comments a little more.

It turns out that the other anonymous has just had kittens!

It's my cats again!

I think I’ll go back to sleep.


Mary said...

Are you still sleeping?

If you are, I hope you're having happy dreams.

Just wondering what kind of brain-numbing work you were doing.


popps said...

That would be Wednesday's last session with a group old unmotivated 20 year olds about to do an English exam.

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