Saturday, 23 April 2011

Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through....

I was sitting at the desk, doing paper work when I looked up, out of the window, past the spring-opening roses and I saw the hammock.

Now I’m in it!

If you don’t you won’t - and the summer will have been and gone, maybe a lifetime too.

Will I stay here all day?

It’s Friday, a day off, kids at school, wife in Dresden – just the cats for company.

No one knows where I am.

Nothing to do.

Except clean the bathroom floor, the fridge, the windows, vacuum the house, the car, the house again, cut the grass and a bit of paperwork.

Or lie here, listen to the wind, smell the flowers, watch the sky, doze, read my book (it’s great), maybe a cd of Nina Simone in the background.

I wonder.


Janet Bianchini said...

2nd choice sounds idyllic! Enjoy the moment(s)! Forget the dreary housework! Live the free life, definitely!

popps said...

Here here! :-)

Anonymous said...

We need a house cleaner!!!!

Anne Hodgson said...

Which book?

popps said...

The Room -by Emma Donoghue.
It was a shortlisting for the Man Booker Prize (why not the Woman Booker Prize i have no idea) and it says on the cover that the Scotsman newspaper consider it to be "Startlingly original and moving, endearing and as utterly compelling as The Lovely Bones - which you may remember i heartily enjoyed.
It passed my front cover, back cover, opening paragraph test and so far hasn't failed to intrigue.

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