Sunday, 24 April 2011

Thought Of the Day 16

Happy Easter!

Same to you sunshine, did you get any eggs?

Well, not yet, I’m waiting for Monday and since I gave up chocolate over Lent, one more day won’t hurt.

I heard you gave up using the computers on Sunday too, is that so?

It is.

It is?

It is.

So…. How come we’re doing this?


Thought for the Day, today?

We did it yesterday.

We did?

We did.


We used scheduled publishing”, it’s brilliant – Monday’s post is already waiting as I’m expecting a busy day.

Not really The Thought of The Day then is it? More like Thought of The Other Day.

No one will notice.

They will.

They will?

Yes, we have had some complaints.

We have?

We have.

What about?

The Thought of The (other) Day.

We have?

We have.

What sort of complaints?

Vitriolic, defamatory, slanderous!


No, but we might.


Because we started adding film reviews to The Thought and we sort of haven’t done one for a bit.

Have you been to the pictures recently?

No, have you?

No. I was thinking of going to see True Grit again, it’s on in the local picture palace.

Picture Palace?

It looks like one.

It does?

A bit.

So are you going?


Why not?

Because the new series of Doctor Who is starting at the same time and I’ve been invited to watch it at Martin’s.

We could review that.

But we haven’t seen it yet.

Ok, how about We Want Sex Equality?

What about it?

Let’s review it.

Have you seen it?


I thought you said that you hadn’t been to the cinema recently?

No it was YOU who said that.



Are you sure?

No, hang on, I’ll check…………ah; no you’re right it was me.

Ah Ha!!!

It’s called Made In Dagenham originally but I don’t think anyone in France knows where Dagenham I so they changed the title.

Where is it?




You should know you were born not far from there.



What’s the film about?

Why are YOU asking ME, you’re the one who said you’d seen it.



Are you sure?

Er, no, I get lost sometimes when I’m doing this, hang on…..yes, I was right it was YOU.



Oh, in that case I’ll tell you about it.

Great, what’s it about.

The Industrial strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant in the sixties when the female machinists walked out demanding equal pay.

Sounds important.


Who directed it?

That guy whose name I forget who directed Saving Grace and Calendar Girls.

Oh, whatshisname.


So, does that mean it’s softly political?

It does, but there’s a strong message at the heart.

Key scene?

The female lead turns to her husband who has just tried to justify his actions in terms of “never having hit you” and “looking after the kids” and angrily, but calmly tells him “it’s bloody normal.”

Does she say bloody?

Er, think so.

Anything wrong with the film?

Well, the strike starts of because of a regarding dispute, not an equal pay dispute, and only escalates when a male shop steward suggest they do so, I wasn’t sure that was historically accurate and I found it undermining to the female cause.

Anything else?

Yeah, only Harold Wilson should play Harold Wilson.

You liked Harold Wilson?

He was my youth, crumpets and tea on Sundays.



Ah. Any surprises in the film?

Barbara Castle.


She came over as a right-on radical.

Maybe she was?


So, anything else?

I liked the telephone box.

The telephone box?




Was the film cliché?

Maybe, some say so, but I enjoyed myself.

Did you see it?

Did I see it?

Did YOU see it?

Of course I did.

Are you sure?

Hang on, let me check………

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